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Getting Married In Tuscany

The technologies of wedding videography and photography have made great progress in these years. The number of videomakers has grown up, but the quality of their works has suffered a lot. Everyone thinks they can create art, but the art of real professional photography doesn’t consist to filming with a digital camera.

There are those who spend their video-editing powers in advertising and there is Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films, that puts his heart and soul in what he does, and he really does a lot.

Tends by Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy

Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films reflects the quality of an independent wedding film, giving to the viewer whole the senses and emotions of the event. To get the complete spirit of a wedding through the images, it takes many months of work in the editing room. In addition to the wedding film, wedding trailer is in great demand: its impact is extraordinarily beautiful and unique, people want to see it again and again. Wedding trailer is very convenient and practical for sharing on social channels: for those who have been present it is a reliving of emotions as the first time; for those who have not been there is a valid way to feel a little “participant” to the big event. Have a look on these sites to convince yourself: .

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Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy it is in continuous study and updating process to be always ready for news on the photography and videography world. The First Look, Drone Footage, Wedding Video Guestbook, Wedding Bloopers, Dance Video, Combining Video and Photography and more – all you want is possible with EmanueleMura Florence Wedding Films. If you want a traditional wedding film or a documentary one, or a wedding trailer, make sure that, whatever you choose, your wedding film will make huge competition with real cinema movies.


When it comes to the wedding – your wedding – you would like everything to be perfect. Celebrating Love, you do not want to be the protagonist of the unexpected surprises and a thousand of things that do not go as planned. All you need for your special day are certainties and not premises.

Your Italian dream will come true with Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films. He loves nothing more than traveling and storytelling, that is why he is the number one in translating your magic day into the cinematic language.

Doing greater your Tuscany Wedding

Get inspired by the beautiful Tuscany creating your wedding as you dreamed as a child. From Siena to Pisa – especially Florence – there are a thousand destinations for a dream wedding. Your great wedding in Tuscany Italy may be greater only with Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films, the only one who let the emotions speak loudly through the camera lens. Using specific techniques acquired with years of experience, he works hard on composition, color, and natural light to create a real cinematic handiwork. Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy is always in research and study of new technologies and he is always at the forefront of wedding photography and videography news.

Between doubts and so many questions…

Between doubts and so many questions, there is an absolutely certified and proven security: Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy. No matter which beautiful and romantic Italian place you will get married in his complete empathy and harmony helps him listening intently to the desires and needs of every couple. He works discreetly, never interrupting to pose or direct you in the way he needs for; he focuses on your wedding day using the beauty of nature to enhance its magic. He will capture each moment in gorgeous detail: so don’t wait a moment and contact Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Film to obtain a unique proposal for your wedding photos and videos!

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